Our Mission 

We are a small UK-based group of individuals called Congo Connect who are working to raise hope for eastern Congo.

Our mission is to create a space where we can challenge the prevailing attitudes of hopelessness and despair that dominate the perception of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, by highlighting many of the incredible untold stories of bravery, strength, positivity and innovation from eastern DRC. 

We are driven by the injustice of Africa’s deadliest conflict in which an estimated six million people have died and half a million women have been raped, in a territorial struggle for supremacy and mineral wealth among warring factions. 

Our four main interest areas are as follows:

  1. The illicit trade in minerals is a root cause of the conflict and gives DRC its ‘intractable’ reputation;
  2. The climate of impunity in which daily human rights violations take place;
  3. The psychological impact of longstanding conflict on the Congolese, in particular the impact of sexual violence on women and girls;
  4. The importance of leadership and role models as a peace-building mechanism.

We focused on all of these in our exhibition 'I Dream of Congo' which is currently available for touring. Click here for more details. 

Bukavu, eastern DRC - Photo by Fjona Hill