William Hague's letter to Congo Connect

Foreign Secretary William Hague wrote to us on 1 May 2013, thanking us for our postcard campaign which we ran during the 'I Dream of Congo' exhibition in London at Conway Hall in February 2013. The campaign saw over 300 postcards sent to the Foreign Secretary - by people who had attended and were moved by the issues highlighted in the exhibition - asking Mr Hague to urgently tackle sexual violence and impunity in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

The letter from Mr Hague in reply to our campaign sets out the action the Foreign Secretary and the UK government are taking to tackle the problems of sexual violence, impunity and conflict in eastern DRC. 

A big thank you to everyone who sent those postcards.  


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Selected pictures from the exhibition's London run at Conway Hall in February are below. Opening night photos can be viewed here and further pictures of the exhibition can be viewed here. 

Masika Rebeca

This is an amazing blog about Masika who lives in eastern Congo and is a survivor of war and violence but is tirelessly working to help others rebuild their lives. She has set up a centre where other survivors can find sanctuary.  

Caption: Ron Haviv, Goma, 2009

Pictured on the left is one of the works in the 'I Dream of Congo: Narratives from the Great Lakes' exhibition shown at Conway Hall, London, throughout February 2013.

The photograph by Ron Haviv at VII agency, was taken in Goma, eastern DRC in 2009. It shows 11-year-old Ozias Kambale Pimo who was separated from his family during one of the frequent conflicts in the region. He has just found out that he will be reunited with his family after a long period.